banner 1logo with no wordsFlying Eyeball Promotions events are a celebration of a most unique kind taking place in unusual creative spaces and the parties are B.Y.O!!

These are underground, independently run events, completely organised by Brisbane locally talented professionals.

Flying Eyeball Promotions invites you to release the inner child and explore, interact, be curious and to play. Take a step outside of normal reality, into a piece of iconic history in Brisbane’s underground scene, mixed with some high tech modern technology for an interactive sensory explosion.

Crossing both medium and genre these events are brought to life with everything from electronic to heavy metal and all shades in between, as the beating heart of the event with complimentary Horror House acting like a peepshow for alternative and pop up performances; and the Heavenly Art Gallery providing artistic amusement and a chill out area.

So come one, come all, and lets have a great time!!!

Flying Eyeball Promotions has a dedication to providing unique opportunities for emerging Australian artists of all mediums and genres, creating a presentation platform that is both educational and increases professional development. We work with many artistic communities, and represent a large number of performers and artists.  Our aim is to promote artistic and cultural diversity and to develop professional relationships and networks for Australian artists.